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Divine Knowledge is Power

The riches, status, degrees, fame, etc. of this world are temporal knowledge and cannot be compared to the knowledge of Jesus Christ! Divine knowledge is where your power lies!

Prayer-God Answers

God is wise! Our prayer requests are answered by our God who is not insensitive to our requests to give what we ask but wise enough to not give us what will destroy us because He loves us SO much! Ensure the scriptures support your request, then wait patiently for it in faith. Amen!

Confidence in God

Jesus used His blood to atone for the sin of the world. Be still and have confidence and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ in EVERY situation. Our trust in Him makes more grace available to us to overcome every situation. Hallelujah!

Obedience is Best

As disciples of Jesus Christ, members of churches, and citizens of this world, we must choose to submit to authority in the church and in the world. Disobedience and insubordination causes grief instead of the flow of blessings when we submit. Obedience is Best!

Praise God in All Things

As believers in Christ Jesus, we should do All things to the praise of our Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ. What we eat, drink, put on our body, whatsoever we do should be to honor God and bring God glory. Our thoughts and actions should be geared towards Praising God in All Things!


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