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Consistently Trust God

Our minds are a powerful asset that God has given us. When we control our minds by fully holding on to the Word of God, we receive the blessings therein. Consistently trust God!

Exercise Sense!

Let us learn to work our spiritual senses (heart and mind). They are used to dominate the physical senses (sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch). Train your spiritual senses with the Holy Scriptures then exercises sense! Hallelujah!

Keep the Faith!

You may go through a long period of time when you don't see anything good happening. Keep your smile and keep doing what you know is right. God is preparing you for greater things. God is doing a work in you. This is a time of testing. Keep the Faith! You're going to win. Hallelujah!

Who is God to you?

The Psalmist is talking from a personal relationship with the Lord. He lists attributes of God from personal encounters with God. Beloved, have you had personal encounters with the Lord? I can say God is my friend, my joy, my strength, and my all-in-all. Who is God to you?


Be encouraged as children of God that study and teach the Holy Scriptures to know that the basis of faith is the Word of God. Our faith is apprehended by our heart and soul. Faith is a vital ingredient in our walk with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Keep the Faith!


We ought always give thanks and praise to our God! Times may get difficult, life may seem to not be going your way, but remember, nothing in your life is a surprise to God. He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith! God is with you so do His Will and Give Thanks!


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