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Let God be Your God!

It is not merely the LORD’s name that is a strong tower. It is the LORD Himself, with all His glorious attributes and perfections, that is meant. Yes, it is that God! His name is the LORD. There is no other God but Him!

Tread Lightly, but Trust Deeply

Sometimes we get aggressive and allow our emotions to control us in situations. However, God may be calling us to just chill. Take it easy. Don’t overstep your boundaries. Tread lightly, but trust deeply in God’s purpose and His plan. God doesn’t need our help in fulfilling His will, he just needs our obedience. When we face obstacles and don’t know which way to go, never make abrupt decisions that may change the entire course of the outcome. Take time to assess the situation, pray about it and proceed carefully. We can always rest knowing that when we take our situations over to God, He will take care of them. It may not be in the time frame that we think is ideal. It may not be the solutio

Purpose Over Pleasure

When you choose purpose over pleasure, you are choosing to be free of who the world wants you to be and to be filled with who God has called you to be. Why is it so easy for people to choose pleasure over purpose? We live in a society where we desire things instantly, and with today’s technology, we can often get what we want with a simple click of a button. People rarely have to practice patience when it comes to fulfilling pleasure because almost everything that we desire, we can find online. In this day and age, we can shop for clothes, groceries, furniture and even a spouse, right online. Click! We can choose what we watch, listen to and read, right online. Click! Therefore, fulfilling o

Be Courageous!

God wants you to put an end to ALL your fears! Identify the cause of your fears and stand against it in prayer. Greater is He that is within you, than he that is in this world. Confess the Word of God, be strong and courageous always! Praise the Lord!

What You Givin'

It's always a great time at Real Talk with Lady Robin and The Ladies of Radiance. Hey Harvest girls! I take pleasure in being apart of an amazing group of women empowering other women to be all that God has created them to be. We kick off all our events with a segment entitled "What you GIVIN". This is when a team member searches the crowd and finds the woman who shined bright with confidence and style. The winner is gifted with a prize and has the opportunity to strut her stuff on the pink carpet. Oh yes ma'am!!! Those who represent the kingdom should always be dressed the part spiritually and physically. Most of us do so much day-to-day that we barely care about how we look until it's time

The Peace of God

When you have experienced the peace of God, you have experienced a piece of God. There is nothing like the peace that God can give you in the midst of a storm. It’s like a heavy burden totally lifted off of you that has been replaced by a new boldness to move forward. Oftentimes people want peace, but don’t know how to find it. It actually seems quite simple, let go of whatever is stealing your peace and totally give that situation over to God. Not pray and continue to worry about it. Not pray and still try to handle it on your own, but pray and be still. When you are still and allow God to take FULL control, you experience peace. Giving God full control sounds easy, but when you are a perso

Confess Your Salvation

Jesus Christ died for all mankind to save us from our sins. If you believe in your heart that Christ truly died for your sins and God raised Him from the dead, then confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord over your life. Confess Your Salvation Today! Hallelujah!

Don't Get Weary-Press On!

When you begin to feel weary or tired of doing good, know that it is at this very point when your harvest or reward is due! The enemy is trying to trick you to give up or react negatively because you are about to reap the blessings. Don't get weary brethren, press on!

Follow God

God Almighty is a living example for His children. We should be imitators of God as His Children. The Lord is righteous in all His ways. He is holy and gracious in all His works. We ought to always go about our duties in righteous ways. Let your work be full of joy and work in excellence as an example of following God. Hallelujah!


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