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Seek God Always

It is important to seek the Lord for His Strength. There are benefits in the continual face seeking of the Lord. God is ever ready to everyone with open arms. Be encouraged to discuss everything with the Lord. Seek God Always! Amen!

Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

In the book of Romans, Apostle Paul prayed for his converts to be filled with all joy and all peace. Our God is LOVE and He is our HOPE. During this Holiday Season, remember that Hope, Peace, Joy and Love comes from having a right relationship with the One and Only Living God! Hallelujah!

Jesus is Constant

Most people believe that the only thing constant is CHANGE. However, Christians know that Jesus is CONSTANT! Jesus is relevant for ALL generations. Jesus Christ in Heaven and Jesus Christ on earth does not change. Jesus remains the Son of God FOREVER! Amen.


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