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Our Purpose

As born again believers in Christ, we are to live for Christ while on this earth and to lead others to Christ. This will please God. Eternal life is our gain because we are gong to heaven to be Jesus forever upon death. This is our purpose. Hallelujah!

Be Transformed by the Word

If we acquire a new mindset, we will find God's will for our life. God's principles are the only tools we have as Christians to make a meaningful impact in the kingdom of God. So, be transformed by the Word and know God's will. Praise God!

Get in the Word

We as children of God have a responsibility to immerse ourselves in the Word. God qualifies us to teach His Word and hold each other accountable to the Word through Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs. Let's get in the Word so the Word can dwell in us! Hallelujah!

Have NO fear!

God promises that He is with us, He is our God, He strengthens us, He helps us, and He promotes us. Oh, What a Mighty God we serve! We are unbeatable and unstoppable because we belong to God! Have NO fear! Praise the Lord!

Keep the Peace

Glory to God that perfect peace we receive from God keeps us in continual joy in the midst of those who might offend us. Our God is a great God who teaches us to handle offence maturely and not react negatively. God rewards our faithfulness so Keep the Peace! No one can steal your joy, not even the one who intends to offend. Hallelujah!


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