Don't Allow Temporal Feelings to Make Permanent Decisions

Oftentimes people allow their temporal feelings to make permanent decisions. That is dangerous. Think about all the decisions that you make daily that are solely based on how you are feeling at the time. Your feelings can cause you to eat that cake that was not on your diet plan, because you just felt the urge to have something sweet. Your feelings can cause you to message that person that you know is not suppose to be in your life, because you felt lonely. When your feelings are not in line with the word of God, check them. The enemy wants to take hold of your mind because once he has your thoughts, he knows that feelings will go along with them, and those feelings will lead your body into actions that could destroy you.

Do you realize how many feelings that you have throughout the day? First you wake up happy. On the way to work you become frustrated with the traffic. While at work your boss calls you in the office and you are scared because you have a million things running through your mind about what you could have done wrong. Then, you find out that your boss wanted to tell you that you got a promotion, so you are really excited. However, you call your spouse to share the good news and become angry because he/she showed no enthusiasm for your accomplishment. All of these different circumstances lead to particular feelings, and normally when we feel a certain way, we respond accordingly. What would happen if the moment before we took action on our feelings, we stopped to think about the consequences? Not only the consequences to ourselves, but the people to whom we are connected? The temporary satisfaction of fulfilling that feeling may no where near compares to the permanent devastation that acting on those feelings would cause.

Even feelings that seem good, check them. The enemy can certainly have your mind tricked into believing that if it feels good, it must be right. Always check to see if how you feel aligns with God’s word. If your friend lies on you and your first feeling is to get revenge, check that feeling. Of course, it would feel good temporarily to get back at the person who did you wrong, but what about the lasting effects? God always has the best answer to deal with every situation. Therefore, our actions should be based on what He has called us to do, not our own feelings. The bible says that we must acknowledge God in all of our ways so that He can direct our paths.

Getting caught up in feelings can lead to a road of destruction if the feelings are fed by the enemy. When the enemy has control over your thoughts, the feelings that come along are just as distorted as the thoughts that they were birthed from. Check your thoughts. Your thoughts lead to feelings. Your feelings lead to actions. Those actions can lead to permanent damage.

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