Next Chapter. Hello May!

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. ~ Isaiah 43:19 NIV

Yes, April is gone and May has arrived!! How refreshing and what a relief. I know those of us on the east coast never thought winter would leave, but here we are in a new month. Hello new perspective, new goals, more determination to close old chapters and start new ones. Change is taking place right before our eyes with or without our permission. Exciting, anxious, or just plan fear of not knowing what is really coming next may be setting in. I'm always reminded of the process that a caterpillar has to go through to become a butterfly. From a state of being not so attractive, low and slow moving to becoming a beautiful fluttering flying thing that everyone seems to enjoy looking at. Such as life . In most cases in order for us to become a beautiful masterpiece we may have to go through some challenging things that others, even ourselves may see as being not so attractive, low, and slow moving. Why does the journey to greatness seem to take so long? We all need time to grow and become mature in our walk of life. Preparing for a new chapter in life can create many emotions one of which may be uncertainty. The change may hurt, it may cause separation, tears, and fears but here is the hope and motivation ...we keep going and pressing towards our new chapter knowing that the work we have done preparing will not be in vain. This inspires us to keep pushing towards the promise. If you are in a place of uncertainty I invite you to trust yourself and the process. This could be your season of refreshing and restoration. Your promise is set to come. It's predestined. I challenge and encourage you to look and speak from a place of victory. Stand strong in your purpose. You already have what it takes to fulfill your purpose even if you dont have all of the resources yet. But what you do have is the source. God has given you great ideas and creative strategies to carry out those ideas. What you need is already inside of you. But you gotta start. Make the first move do the work, write the book, get the education, grow your craft, support that friend, your community, and local church. Repair those relationships and do your best work on you. Before you know you will be able to see the promise and discover this new chapter you are walking in isn't so bad after all. Why don't you Go on and be great. You don't need permission to be something you already are.

Sending you positive vibes and encouragement always,