Giving God Your Best is How You Pass the Test

In life we are tested daily and have to face the ultimate decision of choosing what to do during the test. As you know, the best way to prepare for any test is to study. The more you study, the more the information will stick to you and when the test comes, you will be able to reproduce what you have learned. However, when you feel unprepared for a test, you may give up or even cheat to pass. The problem with cheating is that you never learn the lesson. Therefore, when the subject arises again, you will not know the solution because you didn’t learn what was needed to pass.

God already knows everything that is destined for us. We just don’t know. Therefore, we often default into taking matters into our own hands, because we think we need to be in control in order to see the desired results. However, if God is allowing us to go through the test and we know that He is all-knowing, why not look to Him as our study guide? Honestly, when you take a moment and whole-heartedly go to God in the midst of your test, he is faithful to answer you. If you are not clear on the answer, wait. Give God your best in the midst of the test. Not intentionally do wrong and just ask God for forgiveness afterward, but really DO YOUR BEST.

God may test our faith to show us if we are truly prepared for what we have been praying for and where He wants to take us. However, if we have not been studying His Word and building a relationship with Him, we will never learn the lessons to pass the tests. Ultimately God wants our hearts. When we fully give our hearts to God, we are more open to receive his divine instructions. When we look to His will and not default to our own will, we are in position to learn the lessons. When we follow through with what God is telling us, we pass the test.

No matter how difficult the test may seem, Galatians 6:9 tells us, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

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