A Seat at The Victory Table

Yes! Just when I count myself out, God gives me a word!

Knowing there is victory in the end but having to endure the process of fighting a war is not an easy task. You still have to fight it out. You know you're going to win and you know that God has already delivered the reward of victory, but fighting through the process can be difficult. It wears you out and makes your body weak almost to the point of exhaustion. You feel like you are in a losing battle. You want to call out for help, but this time you are all alone (so it seems). You want someone to talk to but the words won't come out. You keep telling yourself it's going to be fine, but you aren't feeling fine at all. You don't know who to trust so you keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself. You guard your heart by drowning yourself in prayer and worship still thinking that it's all in vain. Let me just tell you that prayer, praise, and worship is the safest place you could ever be. It forces you to really listen for God. In some moments, you feel like you're going to lose your mind because you can't attack your opponent the way you want to or the way you used to. Nope, winning this war calls for a different strategy. You have to pray, fast, and be disciplined although all you want to do is wild out. You want your opponent to physically feel the hurt they have caused you mentally and spiritually. You feel stuck and helpless. You are used to having it all together but this time it "feels" like your opponent may get the victory over you. The devil is a liar!! Isaiah 40:31 assures us that if we wait on the lord for his guidance and not react outside of his will, he will renew our strength and we shall soar like an eagle. I am encouraging anyone going through a tough situation where the light seems far away to stand strong and assured in victory knowing that you WIN. You already saw it, now its time to walk it out. The process is not for you to die in but it's to help those who are watching you. It shows them what a champion looks like, the preparation it takes, and it highlights the Almighty God you serve! It showcases how a victor not a victim stands firm and gets in the face of opposition declaring that God can, God will, and God is able. Champions back down from nothing because God stands with us. Who can defeat God and his children? No one and no thing! He is God and everything is at his disposal. He created all and he can eliminate all. On your behalf my dear, he will be your refuge. God is calling you to a higher place where no creepy, crawly, filthy thing can journey with you. You must leave the past behind and get ready for your NEW. The WIN on this level is going to blow your mind and take you places you never thought you would see. Total peace, joy, love, and prosperity, is waiting for you at the victory table! You are about to take flight! Get in position and get ready to soar!

Go On And Be Great.