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Purpose Over Pleasure

When you choose purpose over pleasure, you are choosing to be free of who the world wants you to be and to be filled with who God has called you to be.

Why is it so easy for people to choose pleasure over purpose? We live in a society where we desire things instantly, and with today’s technology, we can often get what we want with a simple click of a button. People rarely have to practice patience when it comes to fulfilling pleasure because almost everything that we desire, we can find online. In this day and age, we can shop for clothes, groceries, furniture and even a spouse, right online. Click! We can choose what we watch, listen to and read, right online. Click! Therefore, fulfilling our pleasures has become easy and instant. Well, what about purpose?

Fulfilling purpose takes time. First, we have to choose that we want to live out our purpose. We must actively seek God concerning His will for our lives. Then, He will probably have to take us through some things and teach us some lessons to make sure we are ready to fulfill the calling on our lives. Some people don’t practice the patience it takes for God to mold us into who He has called us to be, because we aren’t used to having to wait. Therefore, we often try to help God ourselves by taking matters into our own hands, because we want to see results quickly. We want to know our purpose now! However, we may not be ready for all that God has or us. We may not be in position. See, fulfilling purpose is a huge responsibility. It’s why God put you here on Earth. We were not put here to fulfill the world’s expectations of our lives. Purpose is about God’s calling over our lives. Allowing God to lead us into our purpose is so much more fulfilling than instant pleasure. The impact will be great and people will be able to see God through us. However, it is important to seek out just how God wants to use you to bring others to Him. Purpose.

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