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Yielding to Godly Empowerment

When you yield to Godly empowerment, you will produce extraordinary results.

God has given us strength, power and purpose. When you tap into WHO God has called you to be, you will be ready. God has equipped us with all that is necessary to do His will in His way. Those tests, trials and situations that DID NOT KILL YOU, served a purpose. They taught you a lesson, made you stronger, gave you some wisdom or increased your faith.

Some of us have dreams and desires that we can’t see happening. But God! If it’s from Him, He will ensure that you have everything necessary to make it happen. You have to trust Him and be obedient to the spirit. If you don’t know if it’s God or your own will, pray for confirmation, He will let you know. Allow God’s power to flow freely through you and watch the results. They will be extraordinary.

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