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God IS

Testimony: This Word reaffirms me. I have been battling for over a month now with my health issues and I have been walking in my healing before its manifestation. God is my strength! Hallelujah!

What's your testimony?

God gives us grace in ALL circumstances so that the world will know that we have a great God! We are to witness to the world around us about Jesus Christ; His love, His saving grace; His mercy; His provision, His might, etc. What's your testimony? Share the goodness of Christ in the world around you and win souls for Christ. Amen!

Never Give Up!

The outward man (our body) may grow old, but the inward man (our soul and our spirit) is renewed and does not end. In this life, we will have afflictions, BUT don't focus on them because they are temporal. Focus on the eternal things for they have eternal benefits and never give up! Keep the faith!

Don't Labor in Vain

According to the scripture, the only hard work that pays is the one approved by the Lord. Our life is like a building, so it takes God to build a God success life. The choice is yours today! Depend on Christ to build you up and watch over you. Don't depend on your own ability and fail. Don't labor in vain! Hallelujah!

Hallelujah Anyhow!

Sometimes things do not go in our favor for reasons best known to God. As a believer in Christ Jesus, know that sometimes God allows us to be tested. Don't let this take away your joy in Christ! It may be difficult for you, but declare "Hallelujah Anyhow!"

‘Tis the Season to Sow

I once heard someone say that we already have everything that we need in life, but most people don't know how to unlock it. When I first heard the statement, I asked myself how could that be possible? At the time, I said, "I'm not a millionaire. I don't have a luxury home sitting on acres of land. I don't have financial freedom. " At this moment, I say, "yet." I haven't unlocked those things yet. See, the keyword in the statement is NEED. We have everything that we NEED. What God has for us, is for us. If we needed it to survive, we would already have it. We're surviving aren't we? Some times we just haven't discovered the things that will take us out of survival mode and into abundance bec

Constant Prayer

We should want to commune with God. We need to develop an attitude of always wanting to pray. Prayer is a lifestyle! God is NEVER tired of listening to His children. Psalms 141:2 says the prayer of His Children are like incense. We need to feast on prayer, enjoy prayer, and look forward to prayer. Be in Constant Prayer! Hallelujah!


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