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Don't Allow Temporal Feelings to Make Permanent Decisions

Oftentimes people allow their temporal feelings to make permanent decisions. That is dangerous. Think about all the decisions that you make daily that are solely based on how you are feeling at the time. Your feelings can cause you to eat that cake that was not on your diet plan, because you just felt the urge to have something sweet. Your feelings can cause you to message that person that you know is not suppose to be in your life, because you felt lonely. When your feelings are not in line with the word of God, check them. The enemy wants to take hold of your mind because once he has your thoughts, he knows that feelings will go along with them, and those feelings will lead your body into

Satan’s Foolishness Does Not Compare to God’s Faithfulness

We often hear and refer to Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” However, I don’t think people realize the power that is packed into those 10 words. Let’s begin with the first clause, “If God is FOR us.” This means that the first thing we must do is evaluate our (insert problem/situation/relationship) to see if God has even purposed that for our lives. So often we get caught up in problems, situations and relationships that we got ourselves in that God never intended FOR us. Don’t expect God to bless your mess! It wasn’t intended FOR you in the first place. Pray, read the Word, and be open to what God says He has FOR you. If you’re confused about what God is saying, check y

Trust God

Your prayers may not be answered as soon as you say "Amen!" God is developing the virtue of patience/long-suffering in His children. But God is a prayer answering God; therefore, we must learn to Trust God because He will bring it to pass. Hallelujah!

Good Stewardship

Where has God put you? What has God committed to your care? God put Adam in the wonderful garden to work and care for it. Beloved, God has placed you and committed to your care the place wherein you live and work. Honor God, please God, and accept your responsibility. Be a good steward!


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