Never Let a Crook Steal Your Character

In a perfect world, everyone would be loving, caring and building one another up. In reality, we have haters and heartless people who seek to destroy one another. How do you allow those people to determine your behavior?

People are going to try you. Period. However, the way that you respond is everything. When you profess Christianity, or any belief system, people look at you even more to see if your actions align with what you profess. When they don’t, it’s easy for people to call you a hypocrite or declare that that is why they don’t believe in your faith. Therefore, it’s important to not only be mindful of how your behavior reflects your character, but as a Christian, it also reflects Christ.

Knowing that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, it is easier to recognize how he may use certain people to steal your character, kill your reputation and destroy your purpose. It is your duty to protect who you are. As a Christian, we sometimes get tempted to the point where we want to curse, fight, lie, and get revenge, solely based on the actions of others. Once we realize the consequences that those actions will have on our reputation and our ministry, we have to make wiser decisions.

We are solely responsible for our own actions. Your character should never be compromised on someone else's’ behalf. Protect your representation and your ministry. Allow others to see Christ in you.

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